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Massage Therapy

Massage is a special therapy in which manipulations are carried out with the tissues and muscular layers of the human body in order to enhance their functioning and promote relaxation.

Massage therapy originated and has been used in China for more than three thousand years. Chinese practitioners believe that massage can help ease feelings of alienation, because the sensory effects release the hormones within us that connect us to other people. Thus, massage can be considered as a relief of physical pain, as well as a means of calming the mind and improving mood.

How does massage therapy work?

Massage includes friction and muscle strain. It relieves muscle tension, increases blood flow and promotes relaxation. The massage softens the stiffness of the muscles and connective tissue, which can be painful, restrict movement or cause inflammation.

Although massage is rarely a cure, it can help manage the physical symptoms associated with various diseases. For people experiencing depression, a massage can ease lethargy, back pain, pain in the joints and muscles. It can also help relieve fatigue and solve sleep problems.

There are many styles of massage. Some do not require removal of clothing, while others are associated with direct contact with the skin, sometimes with the help of aromatic oils. Some styles include the use of acupuncture needles, complex poses and heated stones. Here are some of the most common types of massage used throughout the world:

  • Swedish massage. The most common type. Swedish massage is a gentle method that is produced by smooth circular movements that stretch the muscles.

  • Aromatic massage. This method combines massage with various oils, depending on the needs of the person. Smells can help reduce stress or intensify a patient.

  • Deep tissue massage. This type is used to relax tense muscles. It focuses on the muscles closest to the bone and their connective tissue. Shiatsu. This style of massage uses the principles of acupuncture focusing on certain points on the body, but without using needles. The pressure used in this method is harder than in others.

  • Massage with hot stones. Often used in spa treatments, hot stone massage is done using special heated flat stones that are placed on the body to relax the muscles. The masseur also puts pressure on the stones to relieve muscle tension.

  • Reflexology. This type of massage is focused on the legs of the patient. The purpose of the massage therapist in this case is imaginary lines on the legs, which are believed to correlate with organs and systems in the body.

The benefits of therapeutic body massage in lajpat nagar

If done correctly, the massage, as a rule, provides immediate satisfaction. It is safe, and people often feel relaxed and calm since the start of the massage.

The disadvantages of massage therapy

Massage therapy is not effective as a long-term or sole remedy for treating depression. In the case of severe depression, massage therapy cannot affect the resolution of emotional and / or chemical problems, so that the result can be called sustainable.

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