Monday, July 8, 2019

The Benefits of Body Massages

Did you know that daily stress is accumulating in our body causing physical and emotional discomfort?

The stress of work, lack of sleep, or all the responsibilities of our day to day prevent our body from functioning properly. In the end, leading a busy life rhythm causes all these tensions to accumulate, which prevents the energy from flowing correctly. But we have the perfect solution to combat these blockages: massages.

At Omega Spa we know that our body is a temple and that each area of it needs special treatment. For that reason, we want to show you 7 benefits that massages bring to your body and your mind. Take the notebook and point:

  •     They help eradicate and prevent diseases. Massages help us to release a hormone called cortisol that is released in response to stress. Therefore, it is a recommended therapy to combat diseases such as depression or anxiety.
  •     Thanks to the treatment of hot stones, we favor the correct blood circulation. Applying stones at different temperatures on your body, we help the muscles oxygenate and eliminate toxins through sweating.
  •     Body massages help eliminate headaches and reduce migraines. By performing a massage on the damaged area, we release all the tensions accumulated in that area, to the point that the pain disappears, as our body enters a state of relaxation and begins to release dopamine. It is the best weapon to combat stress and day-to-day stress.
  •     If you are pregnant, they will help you relieve the typical symptoms that appear during pregnancy: swelling of the feet, back pain or heaviness in the legs.
  •     If you regularly do sport, the massages of sport legs will help you improve the recovery of the muscles, increasing the performance of your workouts while avoiding injuries.
  •     They improve the toning of the skin due to the release of toxins. You will feel better inside but also outside.
  •     They help fight some symptoms caused by premenstrual syndrome such as colic, hip pain or fluid retention.

In this link you can get more information about the types of massages and beauty treatments that we offer in Omega Spa. And, with our thai massage package you can enjoy a free 60-minute massage.

Let us help you relax your worries. You will feel much better.

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